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Wholesale Program

Qualified resellers can sign up for our program and receive the wholesale discounts on every product in our catalog. Complete the form on our Wholesalers Only page and pay the annual wholesalers fee of $249. Once signed up, as a paid member you will see your 20% to 30% discount on every product in our catalog. Your Wholesalers Only users license should arrive in the mail in 4-6 weeks. Call our Sales Office for more details.

How does the Wholesale Program work?

123EzBiz tracks each new wholesale associate. The flat rate discount or percentage discount will be applied to every catalog item automatically. Once logged in, you can browse the 123EzBiz entire catalog and see your flat rate dollar amount or 20% to 30% discount on every product in our catalog. No extra phone calls to make. No recalculating published retail prices to figure out your wholesale rate. The 123EzBiz Wholesale Program is automated for your convenience.


How do I sign up?


Go to our our home page and click on the "Wholesale" link found on the left side menu. You will be taken to a page where you can click on a link for new wholesalers (or club members). Fill out the form, pay the appropriate fee with your credit card of choice and then watch for your wholesale certificate (or Club Member card) to arrive in your mailbox in 4-6 weeks. Once you receive your certificate (or club member card) use the 8 digit number on the reverse side of the card to go shopping online and receive your discounts. Call our Sales Office at 555-555-5555 for Express Sign ups and start saving money tomorrow!

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