123EzBiz vs. WooCommerce

123EzBiz  vs.  WooCommerce - 2023 Comparison

Summary:  123EzBiz is a powerful all-in-one ecommerce business solution that is fully integrated with Wordpress (CMS). WooCommerce is also an ecommerce business option that also works with Wordpress. While 123EzBiz includes Wordpress hosting, WooCommerce does not, which means you will first have to purchase a third party hosting service and then install the WooCommerce plugin. 123EzBiz has extensive integrated features built-in while WooCommerce many 3rd party extensions some with fees. While both 123EzBiz and WooCommerce work with more than 60,000 Wordpress plugins and more than 10,000 Wordpress themes, all with easy, one-click activation. Both also utilize Wordpress' responsive design, which will optimize every possible layout and screen resolution - from mobile to desktop devices. 123EzBiz also has a much easier learning curve with no programming or technical skills required to achieve a very well thought out ecommerce solution. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is known as a "self-hosted" software, meaning it gives you access to the code for customization, yet requires a great deal of technical expertise to set up and utilize the store even though it is "open source" software. However, keep in mind, "open source" does not always equal free. WooCommerce uses plugins and 3rd party extensions and the more plugins you add to your WordPress store, the more negative effect it can have on your load time and security. 123EzBiz has an online manual, videos and customer support but WooCommerce is more limited. See the Comparision Chart below.

Key Features 123EzBiz WooCommerce
WordPress Hosting Included WordPress Hosting Included -
Fully Integrated with WordPress Fully Integrated with WordPress
Mobile to Desktop Responsive Mobile to Desktop Responsive
Quick and Easy Quick and Easy -
SSL Certificate Included SSL Certificate Included -
Subdomain Included Subdomain Included -
PCI DSS Compliant Checkout Servers PCI-DSS Compliance -
Open Source Open Source -
Transaction Fees - -
Customizable Website Customizable Website Requires Wordpress Hosting
Your Domain Name Your Domain Name
Number of Products Number of Products Based on Plan Unlimited
Storage Storage Based on Plan Unlimited
Built-in Fraud Protection Built-in Fraud Protection -
Integrated HTML Editor Integrated HTML Editor Requires Wordpress Hosting
Daily Backups Daily Backups Depends on Host
Sales Reporting Sales Reporting
Site Design Tools Site Design Tools Requires Wordpress Hosting
View orders and printable reports Statisical Reports
SEO Automated Function Built-in SEO-Friendly
6 Custom Built-in Shipping Methods 6 Custom Shipping Methods -
Select FEDEXSelect USPSSelect UPS Advanced Shipping $6.99/Month Each Optional Plugins But Fees Vary
This feature will help you to manage an effective affiliate program Affiliate Application Advanced Features

Many Exclusive

Includes (5,10,15 Add-Ons)

Based on Plan Selected



$2.99/mo. each
Many Plugins Available

But Not All Features

Listed Here

Some Have Extra Fees

Some Are Free
Multi-Currency Multi-Currency
Featured Items Featured Items
Offer membership and wholesale prices to your customers Wholesale Application
Volume Discounts Volume Discounts
POS Virtual Payment Terminal POS Virtual Payment Terminal
Opt-in email list to keep your customers informed of product updates Email Newsletter Manager
Promotional Codes and Gift Certificates Promotional Codes and Gift Certificates
Ad Tracking - Track Advertising and Sales Ad Tracking - Track Advertising and Sales
Returning Customer Discounts Returning Customer Discounts
Require Minimum Purchase Require Minimum Purchase
Bill Me Later Option Bill Me Later Option
Multi-Image Product Viewer Multi-Image Product Viewer
Mega-Zoom Product Image Viewer Mega-Zoom Product Image Viewer
Add option drop downs and text fields to your catalog products. Advanced Product Form Fields
Does your customer have a question or need help? View trouble ticket system. Ticket Management System
Will Call Pickup Option Will Call Pickup Option
Display List Pricing and Savings
Printable Price List Printable Price List
Digital Download Digital Download
Accounting Download Accounting Download
Integrated Video Integrated Video
Hit Counter Hit Counter
View and edit your events calendar Publishable Calendar
Service Based - Recurring Subscriptions
Technical Support Technical Support -
Customer Support Customer Support -
Online Help Videos Online Help Videos -
Have a question or need help?  See the Online Manual. Still need help? Email or call us. Online User Manual

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