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Search Engine Optimization

When you sign up for any of our shopping carts & website hosting solutions you get a state-of-the-art website solution that has been uniquely designed for complete search engine optimization. Today you can almost count on one hand the number of ecommerce shopping carts that are truly optimized for search engines.

Ecommerce shopping carts that are not optimized for search engines, if used, could cost you extensive amounts of free traffic for your online business. If you plan on having a successful Internet business then you cannot dismiss the importance of search engine optimization.

Remember that with us you get the 123EzBiz shopping cart software with wordPress hosting included!.

All of our ecommerce shopping carts and website solutions help you to optimize the pages in your website. Everyone of our solutions includes a site-map that allows search engines to read and index all your web pages and your complete catalog of products.  Every page on your website that search engines read and index is like another potential door to bring customers to your website. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that two or three hundred pages will bring more traffic than two or three pages.

Most ecommerce shopping carts are not designed to allow search engines to read through and index the product catalog. The reason for this is because most ecommerce software developers use query strings throughout their software. (example: index.asp?productid=2) When software developers use these query strings it stops many search engines dead in their tracks. This means that many search engines are not able to read and index your product catalog. There are a few search engines that can read these URL links but only if they are relatively simple query strings. We also use query strings in our ecommerce shopping carts but we do not use them in the site-map which is designed to allow the search engines to read and index your web pages and product catalog.

All ecommerce shopping carts are not he same. We hope that you will choose 123EzBiz for all your ecommerce needs. So do yourself a favor and be sure that you do not make the mistake of purchasing software that is not optimized for search engines. This could cost you untold amounts of free traffic and business leads. Keep in mind that some companies will tell you anything to get your business. If they tell you that their software is search engine friendly find if they mean your homepage only, which is usally the case. Find out if all your pages can be optimized - including your product catalog. Ask them to explain to you how their software will allow search engines to read and index your entire product catalog and subpages, not just your home page.

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