123EzBiz is WordPress Shopping Cart Software

123EzBiz is WordPress Shopping Cart Software


Choosing the right shopping cart software in todays Internet market can be a tedious undertaking. After all there are hundreds of shopping carts to choose from on the Internet today. Some of these carts are free, or claim to be free but may cost more than you think, many are very expensive some are basic and others are quite advanced. Unfortunately the majority of shopping cart software found on the Internet today requires you to have an advanced degree in computer science to figure out how to set up the software and integrate it into your website. Additionaly, there is often quite an enormous learning curve required just to use it. If you are not a developer it could cost you a lot of time and money to integrate a shopping cart into your website even if it is a free shopping cart.

Fortunately 123EzBiz has taken out all of the guess work for integrating a shopping cart and a website with WordPress. We have designed all of our shopping cart solutions so that you can easily add your web pages directly into our shopping cart software. Plus, we include WordPress hosting with all of our shopping carts & website hosting solutions.

Don't be fooled by the idea of a free shopping cart. Unless you are a developer you will most likely end up spending a lot of time and money setting up a free cart. Free carts are free because they only do the most basic functions and most are not designed well. Free ecommerce shopping carts just do not have the added features you will find in full featured ecommerce shopping cart solutions. A shopping cart powered by 123EzBiz has the ability to give you an edge over the competition while at the same time provide a professional on-line atmosphere that will promote sales and create confidence and trust with you customers. See a list of some the top features and reasons to use one of our wordpress ecommerce shopping carts.

There are also many factors to consider if you purchase shopping cart software. As with a free shopping cart you will still have to integrate it or pay a developer to integrate the software into your website. Putting aside the cost and time of integration when purchasing software you are limited in most cases to the version you buy. If you purchase an advanced shopping cart with extensive features you will pay through the nose. Most likely you will pay somewhere in the area of $5,000 - $15,000 based on the complexity of the software.

With a shopping cart by 123EzBiz you do not have to come up with a large cash outlay to enjoy the benefit of an advanced software package. 123EzBiz simply charges a low monthly fee for the use of our highly integrated software. We can host your ecommerce website for five to ten years for the same money that you would have to put out to purchase a copy of shopping cart software that has extensive features. 123EzBiz offers extensive features, WordPress hosting and no contracts all for one low monthly fee.

The first thing you need to succeed with an ecommerce business is a professional shopping cart that can help build trust and confidence with your customers.


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