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Need a new website design or do you simply want a makeover?
Your website is a refection of your business and professionalizm. When a visitor comes to your website they are looking for something and you may very well have the answer they need. But if your website is poorly designed the visitor my not stick around long enough to realize that you have the answers they need. Simply put your website can work for you or against you. Your website speaks volumes about your business, the question is what is it saying? Ultimately there are a few options at your disposal.

Website  Design

         From $150.00

Need a new website or do you simply want a makeover?

Professional Look and Design
Fast Page Loading & Optimization
Custom Flash, Logos & Graphics
Content Management Available

We can give your site the edge you need to succed. We can redesign your existing website, fix your home page or we can give you a whole new look.

We can even help setup a virtual host that will allow you to speak to your clients and convey your message clearly!

Achieve Your Goals

If you haven't been able to achieve your ecommerce goals maybe you are using the wrong tools! Most likely, your uncle, cousin or friend will not be able to build you an effective ecommerce website in their spare time. And even if you were to pay a developer $5,000-$10,000 up front you would still not anything comparable to our software. Don't let this happen to you! Get our professional help and one of our ecommerce solutions and your website will look as good as any of the best sites on the net. Plus, you will have at your disposal some of the best ecommerce tools and options available today.

You will truly save vast amounts of time and hundreds to thousands of dollars with our easy to use professional website hosting solutions. Plus, you will enjoy the advantage of using advanced tools and features that until now only large corporations could afford. Don't make the mistake of allowing your dream to become the next Internet road kill! Get professional help and service - not just a shopping cart.

Testamonial:  "Guys: The Online Shopping Cart program is awesome! Easy to set up, and when I did have questions, the customer service was great. Thanks!"  A. Boucher - National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology - NationalRegister.org

Get the tools and features you need to succeed!

The 123EzBiz team has created one of the most comprehensive and easy to use selling tools on the market today, Whether your business is large or small, using our tools to display your products and services in a professional and attractive manner will give you the edge over your competition.

When building an e-commerce website, on-line merchants often look for a variety of solutions to help streamline their website's transaction capabilities while improving their customers on-line shopping experience. With so many shopping carts to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you?

Answer: 123EzBiz

The Internet is like a jungle and you need a guide that can help pave the way and give you the tools you need to succeed. Call us at 1-800-775-4909. We're here to help you succeed.

With a website you can mantain a current and immediate visual representation of your companies products and services. A website can also save your company money on printing and mailing costs while at the same time give you a wonderful full color presentation. With a website you can reach new customers and cultivate current customers. A new business website can also provide your customers with 24 hour access to your business products and information. While you sleep your Web site is still hard at work.

Websites give you a forum to help your customers. Providing quality advice to your clients will create loyal customers that will come to you for the answers. We can create a website for your company that conveys your message in a clear and concise manner. We can show you how to utilize your website to its fullest potential. You can maintain your site remotely or our in-house staff can maintain your site for you.

123EzBiz is dedicated to helping our clients Harness the Power and Profitability of the Internet. International is dedicated to helping our clients Harness the Power and Profitability of the Internet.We create highly effective yet inexpensive Websites which are powerful sales and marketing tools. From the cost of the Design and Development to Website Hosting, we have what you need at an affordable price.

Mission Statement

123EzBiz is an Internet Consulting firm in the website, hosting, design and development market. 123EzBiz is dedicated to helping you increase your sales and consumer product awareness, improve customer service and increase your profits while reducing your overhead. Our trained, Certified, Internet Marketing Consultants can help you keep a competitive edge over your competition with our highly effective marketing strategies to enhance customer service, increase productivity and help you meet the challenges of today's demanding business environment.
We use the latest technologies and techniques to create affordable interactive Internet marketing tools for our customers.  You can often Save Money and enhance your current advertising by utilizing these powerful interactive business tools.

To achieve a professional and effective website that will truly assist you in improving your sales and increasing your profits, you need a professional Internet Consultant.  You need 123EzBiz. If it has to do with the Internet, 123EzBiz can do it for you and do it better than the competition!

Web Development - Database Design

Your business changes, your products change, your services change, your prices change. So why should your website be static? With a dynamic website you can seemlessly and in real time display current company inventory, products, services, pricing and much more. Dynamic websites can change automatically based on the information supplied by a databases, or by people filling out forms. The only limit is your imagination!

Dynamic websites are ideal for any company looking to save money and extend productivity. Dynamic online applications can also allow you to work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The dynamic website is the cornerstone of a successful online presence. Dynamic sites offer a level of personalization and functionality that cannot be achieved by normal, static websites. With a dynamic website each user can be presented with customized content. Merge information from databases and other sources with web pages and templates to provide up-to-date content with the push of a button. Save time by managing online content and allowing new content and sections to be added without creating each web page manually by hand. Respond to and collect information from your site visitors and support complex user interactions such as online forms, ordering, database searching and workflow management.

Our skilled developers can create a customized website specificly to meet your particular business needs at a price you can afford. Giving you the advantage needed in todays fast paced business market. This type of technology can also be used on intranets for in-house accessibility of information. Keep frequently used forms and information on your intranet. No more searching for that lost form letter.

We do freelance ColdFusion, php, javascript programming. We can build code from scratch, or convert your existing website into a dynamic ColdFusion website. We can also integrate new or existing databases to your website allowing you to manage their content. So, whether you need a simple home page, a store front, or a complex dynamic website we can help! We can even convert your office paperwork and order forms into electronic business forms that can work with a database for effective record keeping to automate and streamline your business. 

No job is to big or small!

Call us today for afree quote or consultaion (800) 775-4909.



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